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Providing enabling technologies to support you from Discovery to Delivery.

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News Know the Trends: Catch Esco GB at Making Pharmaceuticals 2022!

Know the Trends: Catch Esco GB at Making Pharmaceuticals 2022!


Know the Trends: Catch Esco GB at Making Pharmaceuticals 2022!

As the world shifts to what is now known as the "new normal", Esco continues to establish its global presence through its dedicated solutions and innovative technologies.

Esco is yet again showcasing a new set of timely and innovative technologies in the upcoming event of Making Pharmaceuticals at Coventry Building Society Arena, UK, Apr. 26-27. The event brings together pharmaceutical innovators and key decision-makers around the globe from industries including:

  • Contract Formulation, Manufacture & Filling
  • Data Management
  • GMP & Environmental Hygiene
  • Labelling
  • Laboratory & Analytical Equipment
  • Market Research & Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Packaging – Primary & Secondary
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Test Equipment, Analysis & Testing Services
  • Water Purification & Water Treatment Systems
  • Waste Management 

Join us as we unceasingly deliver our commitment to providing enabling technologies from Discovery to Delivery. Drop by #Stand 127 and allow our team of experts to bring about and support you in finding solutions for your process needs.

Register online for FREE via 

We cannot wait to see you there. Cheerio!

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 About Esco Lifesciences Group

Esco Lifesciences Group is a world-leading life science company with a diversified portfolio and sales in over 100 countries. As a manufacturer of laboratory and biopharma equipment, and IVF medical devices, Esco offers tailored solutions that fit the needs of laboratories in various industries. We help clinical and industrial laboratories achieve successful conclusions in research and development, quality control, and analysis. We provide reliable world-class equipment to help pharmaceutical companies make their products safer and more cost-effective. And with the increasing demand of the IVF industry, we have developed efficient ART equipment to enable equitable access to infertility care.

About Esco Pharma

Esco Pharma provides specialist services, equipment packages, and process solutions from our core platform products leading to improved operator protection, reduction of cross-contamination, and more efficient processing, thereby directly and indirectly advancing occupational health and human healthcare.

Esco provides standardized platforms with inbuilt configurations without constraints on operational parameters. This enables pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, ATMP, cell therapy, gene therapy, biologics/vaccines, and cosmeceuticals to comply with international standards for occupations health and safety.