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Frontier® Radioisotope™

Radiotherapy with radiopharmaceutical is a developing medical line that involves radiation from radioisotopes. Commonly used for therapy and diagnosis, exposure to ionizing radiation from radioisotopes on the human body can also produce harmful biological effects.

One of the most used radioisotopes used for hyperthyroid and thyroid cancer is radioiodine or radioisotope of iodine (Iodine-131). Radioisotope of iodine-131 is usually prepared in oral solid or liquid dosage form. To safeguard the operator from the radiation emitted by the materials, radioiodine dispensing requires top-tier equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Smooth coved corners

  • Reinforced worksurface

  • Excellent aesthetics

  • 5 degree sloped front

  • Superior containment at 0.3m/s

  • High energy savings

Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood is designed to be used when handling radioactive materials. This specialized ducted fume hood is built with stainless steel internal surfaces (including the work surface) with coved seamless welded corners for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood has been engineered to provide maximum safety when handling radiopharmaceuticals and other radioactive materials by the capability to be fully customized of lead-shielding thickness and integration of third-party equipment for dispensing the radioactive materials such as generator and dose calibrator.

Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood is fabricated suitable for handling radioisotopes like radioiodine with various adjustments to increase safety measures for the operator and environment by optional carbon filter to trap volatile iodine, horizontal sliding chest shield that can move from left to right for optimum protection, and L-block. In addition, these hoods provide containment performance similar to that of high-performance low-velocity fume hoods.