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Ventilation Containment

Products A-Z Ventilated Balance Enclosure (VBE)

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Ventilated Balance Enclosure (VBE)

Esco Pharma’s Ventilated Balance Enclosure (VBE) is specifically designed​ for a stable and accurate handling and weighing of potent powders while ensuring a high containment level for operator​ protection. The aerodynamically designed sash and arm rest with its sectionalized baffle, guarantees that the airborne powders​ are well contained inside the enclosure and exhausted through a HEPA​ filter or directly to the laboratory exhaust.

Key Features:

  • Negative pressure application for a high level of operator protection from hazardous airborne particles.
  • Disposal port is equipped with O-ring to provide a sealed trash bag, as an additional powder containment solution.
  • VBE is equipped with a filter and a blower module for better airflow​ control.