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Isolation Containment

Products A-Z General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI)

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General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI)

Esco Pharma's General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI) is a highly adaptable, unidirectional laminar airflow isolator that can be used for sterility testing or other processes that require an ISO Class 5 (Grade A) aseptic environment.

Pharmaceutical isolators are often mentioned in PIC/S, TGA, and USP Guidelines as recommended primary engineering control to minimize operator contact with the aseptic sample being handled, which is highly sensitive and vulnerable to cross-contamination.

The capabilities of GPPI design are multifunctional, that can be used in aseptic processing from weighing and dispensing aseptic hazardous powder to sterility testing as one of go or no-go testing for batch release. The GPPI design is versatile and suitable for various aseptic processes, ranging from weighing and dispensing aseptic hazardous powder to sterility testing, serving as a critical go/no-go test for batch release. Customizing GPPI with a Bag-in-Bag-out Filter exhaust filter with integrated Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Wash-in-Place (WIP) provisions reduces the risk of operator and environmental exposure to hazardous powders. Single-layer crevice-free work zones are highly adaptable for third-party integration equipment, streamlining the overall process. 

The GPPI’s advanced control system allows the operator to select single-pass or recirculating airflow patterns.

These features, along with the ability of various customization, make the GPPI a highly versatile isolator that can be used for potent or non-potent aseptic materials.

In addition, the Esco GPPI’s design offers standard options and configurations ensuring that Esco can provide a standard solution to fit your specific process and facility requirements.