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Airflow Containment

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Laminar Flow Straddle Units

Esco Enterprise™ Laminar Flow Straddle Unit, Single/Double (ESUS/D) is the leading solution for industrial process protection. It is also suitable for large-scale industrial processes which typically require multiple units to be connected in an assembly line configuration. 

Maintained with a vertical laminar flow of air, the unit is available in either single or double-sided models. In comparison to horizontal laminar flow designs, the vertical laminar airflow of the unit generates less turbulence around large pieces of equipment.

As a cost-saving boost to cleanrooms, the straddle unit provides an ultra-clean environment directly at the process level and may easily be placed in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. This allows the elimination of initial and operating costs which are associated with full-sized ISO Class 5 or better cleanrooms.

Esco Pharma provides the highest quality of construction and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the most demanding cleanroom applications.


  • Cleanrooms, electronics assembly, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and medical devices industries

  • Mycology and food microbiology

  • Plant and mammalian cell culture

  • Clinical pharmacy and hospital use

  • Applications benefiting from the isolated work surface frame design which virtually eliminates vibration (good for weighing processes)

  • Handling of non-biohazardous materials where operator protection is not required