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News Esco Glassware Hoods: Your Premium Solution for Glassware Processes

Esco Glassware Hoods: Your Premium Solution for Glassware Processes


Esco Glassware Hoods: Your Premium Solution for Glassware Processes

Proper use of laboratory equipment is necessary to work safely with hazardous chemicals and processes. The maintenance and regular inspection of all laboratory apparatus are also vital, to prevent accidents linked with improper use of such equipment. Finding the right solution for the handling of apparatus and processes is currently needed, especially in start-up plants.

Esco Pharma is proud to introduce the premium solution for the protection of glassware processes. The Esco Glassware Hood (EGH) is the innovative solution for containing specialized equipment in a kilo lab, pilot plant, or research and development (R&D) environment

Coined after "glassware reactors" and "fume hoods", glassware hoods are customizable units designed to contain glassware setups for batch reactions, distillation set-ups, and chemical syntheses; providing operator protection against fumes and spillages/breakages and safety protection from the explosive properties of fumes and/or vapors.

EGHs reduce the operator’s exposure to hazardous fumes, and vapors by diluting these using a large amount of uncontaminated air; and then drawn out of the equipment through the facility’s exhaust system. EGH can accommodate oversized apparatus even with widths of up to 16 feet such as bioreactors.

Common mistake that users usually make is the thought of glassware hoods to be the same with floor-mounted fume hoods. See below how they are differentiated:


The Differences Between Esco Glassware Hood (EGH) and Floor-Mounted Fume Hood (EFF)



Enclosure of laboratory chemical reactors for kilo lab or pilot plant set-up Application Tall apparatus, large containers that require increased height area
Operator, product, and environment protection Protection Operation protection only
Internal widths are in increments of 0.8 and 1.0 m. More flexible for adjusting dimensions as per client’s request. Dimensions Nominal size ranging from 4 to 8 feet only.
With options for: Stainless steel 316/304 Halar (ECTFE) Electrogalvanized steel with ISOCIDETM white oven-baked epoxy powder coating Combination Construction Electrogalvanized steel with epoxy-polyester hybrid ISOCIDETM powder coating
Through HVAC system Operational HEPA/ULPA filters, Carbon filters Filtration Ducted Optional filter integration
Highly durable heavy duty left and right sliding doors Door Design Light duty vertical sliding

Esco has always been dedicated to its promise of delivering innovative customized solutions to meet developing markets and dynamic regulatory requirements.
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