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News Back at it Again at ISPE 2019!

Back at it Again at ISPE 2019!


Back at it Again at ISPE 2019!

Esco has been a mainstay at one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical events in the Asia: the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Singapore Conference and Exhibition this coming Aug. 21 - 23, at Suntec, Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

ISPE has one of the strongest presences in the pharmaceutical field, which is also supported by regulatory bodies and other various stakeholders and service providers. Last year, it broke a record of more than 1000 participants - healthcare professionals, suppliers, clients, and the like - providing an esteemed platform for learning and networking in the field.

A lot of interested visitors have visited the Esco 2018 booth, as they have queued up to see the innovative applications of all displayed equipment. There was also a unique buzz wire game called ‘BIBO’ (Breath-In, Breath-Out) that drew in a lot of visitors and potential clients to the booth. It became one of the highlights of attending the conference, which allowed the promotion of all Esco products and services.

The company is eager to return to ISPE this year to showcase the line of innovative equipment ranging from isolators, bioreactors, laboratory equipment, and so much more!

Esco’s team of experts will be available on the event to discuss containment needs and how Esco can provide safety right from Discovery to Delivery.

Be sure to visit the booth at #311!

Click here to register at ISPE 2019:

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Esco Pharma provides specialist services, equipment packages, and process solutions from our core platform products leading to improved operator protection, reduction of cross contamination, and more efficient processing, thereby directly and indirectly advancing occupational health and human healthcare.

About Esco Pharma

Esco Pharma’s largest global network of localized application specialists and service offices provides faster response and local service translating into more competitive costs on maintenance, and shorter project life cycles.

Esco provides standardized platforms with inbuilt configurations without constraints on operational parameters. This enables pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals to comply with international standards for occupational health and safety.