Esco GB Ltd Engineers a Robotic Filling Line Isolator for a Major Pharmaceutical Company in Ireland

Esco's highly flexible filling line isolators are the prime solution for the aseptic production of novel pharmaceuticals as they are customizable to suit the individual clients' needs; this project proves just that.

The contained robotic system of this filling line assures the safe and accurate filling of potent liquid products in 1 to 10 litre bottles. The bottles will also be capped and weighed inside the containment isolator to guarantee a high level of product and operator protection.

The filling line isolator was designed with a double wall containment system wherein the main process chamber operates under positive pressure while the enclosing walls run at a negative pressure, with integrated HEPA filters at the return point, to ensure contaminant-free return walls. This configuration ensures both key parameters of aseptic conditions and containment are met.

The complexity of this project was to fully integrate the isolator to the filler; allowing a seamless design where surface finishes were matched, and the isolator became part of the inspection and labeling machine with conveyors integrated on the equipment itself. This was especially important for this system given it is placed by a window as a show-piece in production for this clients visitors.

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