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Formulation and Filling Line Isolators

Formulation-and-filling-lineTraditional Filling Line System

Formulation and Filling Line

Esco partners with filling line companies to create a client-specific technology, which utilizes cGMP compliant isolators and high quality filling line accessories/technologies, to ensure product safety and sterility throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.​

Enclosure systems for this technology can range from open and closed Restricted Access Barrier Systems (o/cRABS) to leak tight isolation technologies compliant to international GMP standards.

Traditional Filling Line Isolator System
  • Are single format dedicated lines often with pre-preparation (washing/sterilization tunnels), to process glass vials, cartridges, and syringes.​

  • In the traditional filling line system approach, the technology usually has bigger footprint and requires longer processing time (i.e. sterilization process of final container formats and multiple-use components for the run), which may cause unnecessary delays and lower throughputs.

  • Subtypes:​

    • Non-Robotic
    • Robotic



    Dedicated fill-finish capabilities for a specific to the container format.

    Adding another filling capability in a facility can be:​

    • Costly
    • Have a long lead schedule​
    • Disruptive to current manufacturing operations​

    Highly efficient for high volume dedicated products where flexibility is not necessary

    Processing Challenges​

    • Glass on glass contact​
    • Machine jams
    • Broken containers

    Wide variety of models with a wide range of container sizes


Traditional Filling Line system Integrations:

  • Rotary Washer
  • Depyrogenation Tunnel
  • Filler
  • Stoppering/ Partial Stoppering
  • Loading / Unloading and Freeze Drier
  • Capper
  • External Washer