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Formulation and Filling Line Isolators

Formulation-and-filling-lineFlexible Multi-format Ready-to-Use (RTU) Filling Line System

Formulation and Filling Line

Esco partners with filling line companies to create a client-specific technology, which utilizes cGMP compliant isolators and high quality filling line accessories/technologies, to ensure product safety and sterility throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.​

Enclosure systems for this technology can range from open and closed Restricted Access Barrier Systems (o/cRABS) to leak tight isolation technologies compliant to international GMP standards.

Flexible Multi-format Ready-to-Use (RTU) Filling Line System
  • Integrates the best industry technologies to simplify the manufacturing process. It utilizes flexible ready-to-use and single-use consumables, thus, removing container preparation process at the manufacturing site. It can also cater to multi-format containers and sizes on a single modular platform.​

  • Combined manufacturing process that allows multiple container formats to be filled and finished on a single system.

  • The use of RTU and single-use components lessens process delays and run time, as well as increases sterility of the process.​

  • Subtypes:

    • Single Format

      1. Robotic

      2. Non-Robotic

    • Multi-Format

      1. Robotic

      2. Non-Robotic

Flexible Multi-format Ready-to-Use (RTU) Filling Line System Integrations:

  • RTU consumables

  • Single-Use Disposable Components:

    • Mixing bag/Holding bag​

    • Pre-filtration sampling bags​

    • Reservoir bags​

    • Aseptic connections/assemblies​

  • Automated Tub Conveyor & Automated Nest Transporter​

  • Robotic Arm (filling, stoppering, and capping)

  • External Vial Washer​

  • Additional Features

    • Stopper gap detection system

    • Quarantine location​

    • Inspection and labelling system

    • Viable monitoring (active and passive)

    • Modular in-situ​ configuration to have changeable parts to fill multiple container formats ​(e.g. RTU vials/ syringes/cartridges/IV bags)​