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TPN / I.V. Admixtures

SolutionsTPN / I.V. Admixtures

An IV admixture is a resulting combination when one or more sterile products are added to a 50 mL or larger bag or bottle of IV fluid for parenteral administration. To maintain sterility and freedom from particulate matter and pyrogens, it is imperative that they be manipulated in a suitable environment by use of aseptic techniques.

Total Parenteral Nutrition

Total Parenteral Nutrition also known as hyperalimentation means patient’s nutrition supplied in infusion bags administered into the central or peripheral blood system. It consists of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and a variety of electrolytes, trace elements, and vitamins, given to patients with medical conditions resulting in malnutrition and/or inability to digest food via the gastrointestinal tract.

Solutions are prepared by mixing various ingredients using dispensing machines positioned in containment systems following standard aseptic techniques and procedures. The sequence of mixing is critical to provide physical and chemical compatibility and system stability.

Central IV Admixture (CIVA)

CIVAs are medications delivered through central IV lines because the drugs are considered to be irritating to peripheral veins due to its concentration or chemical composition. Drugs introduced in this manner reach the heart immediately, and are quickly distributed throughout the rest of the body. CIVAs are used when patients require long term IV therapy and when multiple medications needed to be delivered at once.