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Chemical Containment

SolutionsChemical Containment

An increasing number of industries are involved in working with or around chemicals and chemical products every day (i.e., pharmaceuticals, biological, food and the like). Chemical protection is fundamentally linked to safety issues involving personal protective equipment, engineering controls, workroom or laboratory procedures, electrical and fire safety, and hazardous waste disposal. Many chemicals have properties that make them hazardous. These substances can either be physical and/or health hazards.

With the present trend being observed in the handling of highly potent medicines (e.g., hormonal drugs, cancer drugs and other active pharmaceutical ingredients), containment issues in pharmaceutical facilities have become a rapidly essential facet. Today, more than 50% of all new chemical entities (NCEs) being classified as potent (OEL < 10 micrograms/ m3), necessitates specific consideration: it is crucial to prevent operators/ personnel exposure to the drug as well as the cross-contamination of other substances being processed within in the same facility.

Chemical hazard reduction can be achieved through employment of safe practices, use of suitable engineering controls for containment, use of personal protective equipment, and/or substitution of the chemical to a less harmful one.

Esco Pharma proposes a selection of extremely efficient pharmaceutical solutions for contained materials handling. Esco can support and guide you in deciding the level of containment necessary in ensuring an enhanced manufacturing workflow while also providing safety to product, personnel and environment in a cost-efficient manner.

Connect with us and learn more about our wide-range containment technologies and discuss your particulars. Esco Pharma has the appropriate services, equipment packages and process solutions for you.