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Products A-Z Radiopharmacy Hood (Lead Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet)

Operator Protection

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Environmental Protection

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Radiopharmacy Hood (Lead Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet)

The Esco Radiopharmacy Hood (Lead-shielded Biosafety Cabinet) offers superior protection for radioisotope laboratories. It is designed for radiopharmaceutical dispensing of generator-produced radioisotopes and dose calibration of all radioisotopes.

While radioactive substances hold various beneficial applications (e.g., power generation, medicine, industry, and agriculture), the risk of exposure of the workers, the public, and the environment to radiation hazards must be assessed and controlled. Esco Pharma provides equipment suitable to facilitate sterile and non-sterile radioactive drug handling while providing significant operator and environmental protection from potential radiation hazards


  • Radiopharmaceuticals dispensing and other handling procedures

  • QC tests of radiopharmaceuticals