Pharmacon™ Downflow Booths


Closed Loop

1ECM fans provide quiet energy efficient airflows and closed loop feedback for automated adjustment of downflow velocity counteracting filter loading.

1ECM Closed loop controls not available for all configurations.

Whisper Quiet

Sounds levels are <70dbA measured in free field conditions for booths less than 1.2m & 1.6m deep.

Sounds levels are <75dbA measured in free field conditions for booths less than 2.0m & 2.4m deep.

All sound measurement is carried out in free field with clean filters and without sound foam, measured sound levels will increase if the DFB is placed in an enclosed room.

Tool-Less Replacement/Maintenance

Knife edge gel sealed filters or gasket sealed diffusers allow for 'rapid tool-less replacement' within the booth.

Variety of standard filtration options can be selected depending on final client application, dust burden level.

The booth internal area is designed to allow access for filter changing without the need for special tools.

Bleed Options

Top or front bleed options are provided to allow bleed outs into the room or ducted out as per process requirements.

Lighting System

Flush mounted light fixtures in the booth side walls allows minimum distance between ceiling HEPA filters / diffusers, facilitating improved airflow characteristics and removes traditional unsightly tear drop style lighting.

Light diffusers provided are optimized to provide minimal glare and sufficient lighting within the process zone.


Isocide™ anti-microbial powder coating for all powder coated panels.

Control Core

Our selection of 3 core control systems fits every process need. Sola Basic-our basic microprocessor embedded system with open loop AC Controls. Sola Atex-Our hazardous rated system with push buttons Atex & NEC 505 compliant. Sola Legacy-Our HMI/PLC control system with closed loop ECM controls and optional 21 CFR Part 11.

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