BioPass™ Pass Through

Floor standing airtight transfer chamber with onboard ventilation and integrated hydrogen peroxide based biodecontamination system designed for passing large equipment into a ISO Class 5 cleanroom in an aseptic manner.

BioPass provides a flush threshold enclosure to allow materials to be wheeled into the enclosure with the minimum of effort. Fully 316 L stainless steel assembly returning a cGMP design.

Industries Served

  • Hospital
  • Food, Beverages & Confectionary
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Dentist
  • Primary Healthcare Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical



  • The interior and cleanroom side face is made of 316 L stainless steel with a smooth interior and coved corners to ensure easy cleaning and biodecontamination.The interior surface is polished to 0.6 Ra μm or better and external surfaces exposed to cleanrooms 1.2 Ra μm or better. The cleanroom wall interface allows a flush finish with the surface for cleanliness.
  • Chamber doors are constructed from FDA compliant materials with integrated FDA approved silicone inflatable seal around the perimeter. Doors shall give >90° opening for full access. The doors are not held closed with a mechanical latch, they are the same as our isolators where the seal locks them closed.
  • Direct reading pressure gauges are provided to both sides of the pass through to give indication of the chamber pressure.
  • Integrated with Esco BioVAP bio-decontamination system with PLC control, HMI operator interface and ticket roll printer to give hard copy of the bio-decontamination cycle.
  • Interlocking doors to prevent opening at the same time and also to prevent the sterile unloading doors from opening until after a bio-decontamination.
  • Optional on-board Catalytic Converter to allow air to be taken from the room and exhausted back to room, with interlocked safety exhaust H2O2 sensor. Avoids costly HVAC ducting.

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