Dynamic Passboxes and Dynamic Floor Label Hatches

Dynamic Passboxes and Dynamic Floor Label Hatches are aseptic architectural systems utilized to prevent contaminants from leaking into aseptic suits. They are utilized for aseptic transfer of materials into and out from the critical process environments.

Basic Principles:

  • Dynamic airflow provides an air barrier to prevent contaminant from entering into critical controlled environments during material transfers.
  • Vertical purge, purges any trace contaminants that could have entered post material transfer.
  • Airflow set at dual re-circulatory on both sides.



  • Modular easy to clean design

  • HEPA/ULPA knife edge gel seal main filter design

  • Sentinel microprocessor control with audio/visual alarms for downflow velocity and filter loading.

  • Red/Green indicators for all operational parameters.

  • Emergency stop

  • Food grade FDA approved, USP class 6 Compliant air tight seals.

  • Toughened safety glass

  • Air tight Pharma grade latches with electromagnetic interlocks

  • Stainless steel hinges

  • Fully rounded interior corners with enhanced perforated grille system for full downflow in critical corners.

  • Port for particle counter probe.

  • Port for upstream PAO concentration

  • Pressure tested as per ISO standards.

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