Ceiling Laminar Airflow Units

Ceiling Laminar Airflow units provide enhanced aseptic work zones by utilizing uni-directional airflow to positively pressurise and purge working environment from contaminants.

Key Benefits:

  • Utilized as open restricted access barriers over filling and capping machines.
  • Stand alone units mounted via eye bolts and drop rods over specific applications.
  • Stand alone units mounted over mobile stands for mobile aseptic zones.



  • Modular easy to clean design

  • HEPA/ULPA knife edge gel seal design is better than conventional gasket sealed.

  • Sentinel Silver micrprocessor control with audio/visual alarms for downflow velocity.

  • Zoned Magnehelic gauges for filter loading.

  • Energy efficient teardrop lightings away from downflow.

  • Emergency stop

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