Turbulent Flow Aseptic Isolator (TFAI)™

The Esco Turbulent Flow Aseptic Isolator (TFAI) is a free-standing isolator complying with the most stringent regulatory requirements. The isolator has an automated airflow and pressure control to assure a safe, clean, and microbial-free environment in performing testing and other processes requiring the same environmental parameters. The TFAI's ability to meet turbulent grade A conditions provide a high degree of containment separation for product, operator, and environment.


  • An improved mini-pleat separation technique maximizes filter surface area, improves efficiency, and extends filter life over conventional separation.
  • Utilizes a Bag-in, Bag-out Filter to safely remove the filter after bio-decontamination. It provides protection against exposure to hazardous materials for the maintenance personnel and the environment.
  • The electromagnetic interlocking door mechanism with time-delayed ingress/egress control ensures work zone remains sterile during transfer of items.
  • Improved safe-change cuff rings enable glove change with zero risk of contamination.
  • Ergonomically styled sloped front and/or back reduces glare and allows for easier reach into the work area. Highly rounded edges to minimize crevices and maximize vision panel.
  • Step-less floor between pass chamber and main chamber provide an easy manipulation of the mobile trolley from chamber to chamber.
  • Oval-shaped glove ports to maximize arm movement and reach into the work zone, smooth surface, crevice free, and no exposed bolts and nuts at glove attachment to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Hydraulic support frame legs allow the operator to adjust the work surface height to preference, for both sitting and standing operation.
  • LED lamps provide superior illumination to the work zone.

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