Aseptic Containment Isolators

Adaptable aseptic containment solution with user defined pressure and airflow regimes.

Premium handling of biopharmaceutical germ seed cells and aseptic cell processing. Premium solution for large volume sterility testing.


ACTI Features

Uni-directional airflow – 0.45m/s ± 20% measured 150mm from the distribution screen face during normal operation provides ISO 5 / Grade A aseptic environment.

Knife edge gel sealed U15 supply and optional U15 return filters.

Gasket sealed F8 room inlet and outlet filters.

System automatically compensates for containment breach in +ve or -ve mode via an egress or inward rush respectively.

Optional VHP Ports for automated aseptic processing allowing chamber or system decontamination.

Optional humidity/temperature sensors for environmental monitoring.

Biodecon loop for decontamination of viable or non viable monitoring systems.

External sensors protected by instrument filters.

Optional distribution manifold allows more accurate sampling of upstream filter PAO concentration (since this manifold draws in PAO it is advice that this be cleaned before every filter change).

Filter scanning ports for downstream filter integrity testing.

Automated raise/lower carriage system via user ID input allows isolator to be raised to operator defined ergonomic height.

Safe change gloveport assembly allows for either single piece or split cuff gloves to be change without any breach in isolator condition.

Enhanced uniformity and entrainment of powders via our PLF screens.

Smooth Interior

Smooth flushed interior of isolator glazing means less crevices to improve clean ability / decontamination.

Glazing is made of toughened laminated safety glass.

PLF diffuser screens provides uniform airflow throughout the interior workzone.

Single piece chamber fabricated of ss316L hand polished to less than 0.4Microns with 19mm coved corners.

Stainless steel is passivated post-fabrication with citric acid.

Clean sanitary finishing and perforated multi-piece worktray enhances uni-directional airflow for ultimate entrainment of contaminants and of potent powders.

International brand safe change filters means lower replacement costs and quicker turnaround time.

HMI/PLC control architecture with 4 defined levels of hierarchy.

Access for common replaceable items such as lights and ballasts are done all from the front of the unit.

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