The use of radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of patients has considerably advanced the medical field, and have extended and saved numerous lives. Radiation usage, conversely, come with risks. Hence, it is necessary that those who are involved with radiation be sufficiently trained in radiation safety, radiation physics, the biologic effects of radiation, and injury prevention to ensure a person’s safety.

Standard procedures, best practices, facilities and equipment for the preparation and dispensing of radioactive drugs are essential to any radiopharmacy operation. Although not all radiopharmaceuticals are classified as hazardous drugs, the engineering controls and work practices are intended to ensure the safety of the compounded sterile preparation as well as protect the operator from exposure to radioactivity.

Radiation shielding, one of the primary principles of lessening external radiation exposure, refers to the use of absorber materials such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and lead as a form of radiation security to protect people or objects from radiation in order to decrease the dose. These materials can efficiently reduce certain kinds of radiation because of their high density and high atomic number; principally, lead is operative at stopping gamma rays, and x-rays; while PMMA for beta particles.

Lead is used for shielding in x-ray machines in hospital/ healthcare facilities, nuclear power plants, laboratories, military equipment, and other places where radiation may be encountered.

Esco is committed in providing quality equipment with the highest level of containment to protect the operator, product and the environment from hazardous substances.

Technetium Dispensing Isolator is designed to provide safe, controlled, and sterile environment for handling of Technetium radiolabeled pharmaceuticals.

Also, Esco has a Blood Cell Labeling Isolator that is designed for aseptic manipulation and radiolabeling of blood cells.

For superior protection for Radioisotope Laboratories, Esco Cytoculture® Lead-Shielded Class II biosafety cabinet is designed for radiopharmaceutical industry usage. It is capable of protecting the operator during work involving radioisotopes. The operator is protected from radiation by the lead-shielded sides, lead-shielded work zone bottom and front sliding sash.


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