Containment Barrier Isolator - Turbulent

Your Practical Solution to cGMP Compliance

Containment Barrier Isolator - Turbulent (CBI-T) utilizes turbulent airflow and facilitates the isolation of a product or process while providing the required condition for handling potent powder compounds.

In CBI-T, a supply filtered air is introduced into the chamber that mixes with and dilutes airborne contaminants, thus reducing the concentration within the environment. Most contaminants are ultimately removed from the environment through the air exhaust system. Contamination removal takes longer to achieve because the air turbulence keeps particles suspended and the dilution process is dependent on the volume of air cycling through the space.


  • Potent Powder Handling
  • HPAPI QC Testing
  • Research and Development



  • Utilizes turbulent airflow for dilution of airborne compounds, thus reducing concentration in the environment
  • Fully welded Stainless steel 316L internal chambers with Stainless steel 304 external housing
  • Optional FDA-approved hydraulic stand that can be raised and lowered by the operator for optimum ergonomic comfort
  • Esco HMI controller supervises all functions and monitors airflow and pressures in real-time.
  • Cost-effective solution for potent powder handling

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