Platform Engineering


Esco is the global pioneer in platform engineering solutions our products are designed with modularity and highest level of flexibility with pre-designed building blocks.

Our containment booths have the worlds’ largest number of pre-designed building blocks providing up to 420 different sizes and 3.5 million optional combinations. Our booths cater for all industries from Pharma, to F&B, FMCG, Textiles, Fine Chemicals/Paints, Electronics, Life Science, Animal Facilities.

Our containment Isolators WDCI have inbuilt software and hardware options allow in-situ customization with inbuilt CIP/WIP Ports, Inert Environmental Controls.

Our Aseptic/Containment Isolators ACTI and GPPI are pre-designed with user adjusted settings allow various combinations of +ve pressure, -ve pressure, re-circulatory or single pass modes to be selected in-situ all with safe change return and supply filters, providing the highest level of flexibility adapting to various client applications.


Esco Pharma complements and completes our core competency in providing safe work environments with our Laboratory Division products.

  • Chemicals-Ducted/Ductless Fume Cabinets

  • Powders-Powder Weighing Enclosures, HPIs, Cytotoxic Cabinets

  • Biological Hazards- Class 1, 2 & 3 Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Aeroallergens-Viva Range of workstations and material/personnel transfer

  • Radiologicals-LS2, EFA Lead Shielded, Lead Shield Isolators


Esco has full factory testing capabilities for the entire spectrum of environmental/operator contaminants.

  • ASHRAE Tracer Gas Testing

  • EN-14175 Testing

  • KI Discus Testing

  • NSF 49 Nebulizer testing

  • Aeroallergens

  • Gas Cycle Development (Full Micro Lab)

  • Surrogate Powder (Smepac testing facilities)

This validation abilities allow us to perform intensive in house aseptic / containment testing ensuring our products can meet actual toxics and hazards found in the workplace.