Containment Barrier Isolator

Esco Containment Barrier Isolator (CBI) facilitates the isolation of a product or process while providing the required conditions for a sterile/aseptic environment. It is configured to operate at positive or negative pressure. This equipment provides a comprehensive range of personnel and product protection in addition to protection for the surrounding work areas and the environment.

CBI's design has complete compliance to PIC/s and EU cGMP standards with its 19 mm radius coved internal corners in a single piece chamber (no perforations or grilles for contaminants to be trapped on all 4 corners). Its Rear Return Filter ensures that ducts are not contaminated. The system comes in either recirculatory or single pass airflow.


  • Pharmacy Compounding (Chemotherapy/TPN)
  • As a Class III Cabinet for Biosafety Levels (BSL) 3 and 4
  • Small Batch Sterility Testing
  • Small-scale Potent Material Handling
  • Cell Processing
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Research and Development


  • Controls exposure/cross-contamination risk to hazardous/aseptic materials for a wide variety of equipment and processes
  • Controls false-positive risk for sterility testing
  • Provides Operator Exposure Levels (OEL’s) ≤1.0 μg/m3 during controlled operations
  • Levels of ≤0.1 μg/m3 can be achieved via closed-transfer processes or based on client SOPs
  • Enhances cGMP practices
  • Quiet, energy-efficient ECM fans auto adjust to compensate for filter blockage
  • Standard dimensions available are easily customized to suit process requirements
  • Safe glove change and low contamination filter change
  • FDA-approved static seals
  • Pressure tested class 1 ISO 10648-2 standards
  • System comes with a Semi-automated or Automated Pressure Hold Testing
  • Pass Chamber comes in 2 sizes:
    • Small, non-gloved
    • Large, non-gloved/gloved



  • Pass-Through Chamber – comes in 2 sizes: Small with no glove ports and Large with optional glove ports.

    CBI with 2 Large Pass-Through Chamber, Gloved
    CBI with 2 Large Pass-Through Chamber, Non-Gloved
  • Stand-alone Biodecontamination System
  • Non-Viable and Viable Air Sampler
  • Rapid Transfer Port
  • Foot Switch

  • Integrated Sterility Pump
  • Weighing Scales
  • Spray Gun

  • Temperature & Humidity Monitor
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor
  • Product Waste Entry/Exit Ports
  • Liquid Waste Entry/Exit Ports
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Drain
  • Liner System
  • CCTV Integration and Provision

  • Rear View Access Provision

  • Sharps disposal

  • Automated Pressure Hold Test with Client-Supplied Compressed Air or On-Board Air Compressor

    Compressed Air Supply Port (by client)
  • Automated Damper Closure for Pressure Testing