Why Esco WDCI?

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Esco’s WDCI is elemental for handling New Chemical Entities, weighing, dispensing and containing potent compounds during sub-division and sampling processes.

Our largest range of standard inbuilt configurations allow users to operate for varying process and R&D needs.

Esco’s weigh & dispensing isolator is the ultimate platform for potent handling.

Light fixture mounted outside the work zone behind sealed glazing panels, allowing external maintenance and contamination free.

Anti-Microbial Inflatable, FDA approved and USP class VI compliant seals are used serving as an effective protective barrier.

Push/Push filters with splash guard allow safe changing of process chamber exhaust filters to be carried out from within without exposing operators and environment to contaminated filters.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel material traceable to the Mill with technical file. Large internal fully radius corners.

0.4Ra Internal finish 316L St. St. Construction all Product Contact surfaces.

304 St. St. non product contact filters.


Automated Raise / Lower system adjusts to pre-set operator preferred heights upon login. Ideal for operator / shift changes maintaining Ergonomic comfort.

Automated supply and drain valve opening and closing for CIP and WIP process.

Automated purging of CIP lines post washing avoiding potential microbial growth.

Semi-automated purging of WIP lines post washing . This serves a dual function as air spray gun to aid drying or liquid surface retention release.

Automated ramping up of airflow pre CIP to ensure gloves are fully stretched.

Automated pressure hold testing.

Automatic glove breach compensation for operator protection.

WDCI Design

Light fixture mounted outside the work zone behind sealed glazing panels, allowing external maintenance and contamination free.

Grain direction is maintained where possible to be in the direction of liquid flow, to reduce water droplet surface retention.

Sloped Pass Through Chamber floor to Process Chamber for common Drainage. Sloped process chamber ceiling to aid drainage and reduce liquid droplet retention.

Sloped Single piece chamber fabricated of ss316L hand polished to less than 0.4Rawith 19mm coved corners.

Flush interior glass with frame less design and hardware penetrations not all the way through the glass reduce contaminant retention.

InBuild Options

Systems comes with optional inert environment software.

Fully welded or gasket sealed RTP adaptor is included allowing future expansion or reduction in pass through diameter.

System comes built in with WIP and CIP connections for future upgrade or additional purge gun.

Inbuilt 4” connection for future split butterfly valves or other charging systems at base.


Single port glove leak testers.

Weighing Balance

Weighing balance with external surface mounted display and tare. Black Granite Anti vibration weighing platforms.