Drug Discovery and Development


The concept of discovery enhances the understanding of the need and solution to set-up delivery, and in turn, delivery benefits by enriching the understanding of need and solution to facilitate discovery. Collectively, Esco Healthcare enables a complete Translational Discovery to Delivery within the Healthcare industry – from Research & Development, all the way to clinical trials (from phases I to III and IV for vaccines), final commercial production, pharmacy compounding; cell, tissue and regenerative therapy (Advanced-Therapy Medicinal Product), and Cold Chain process.

This is provided for high value low output drugs, niche biotechnology products (eg. solid state fermentation, antibody drug conjugates based), vaccines, cell therapy and biosimilars/biobetters in different dosage forms, such as OSD, parenteral/injectables and other novel drug delivery systems such as micro-needles, gels and patches.

High Value Therapies, Niche Products and Biosimilars are the products of the current and future focus. Some of these products are:

  1. Immunotherapy, the Next Generation of Cancer Treatment
  2. Monoclonal Antibody
  3. Therapeutic Vaccines
  4. Orphan Drug
  5. Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy to Treat Autoimmune Disease
  6. Adapted Dosage Form
  7. Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  8. Fixed-Dose Combinations (FDC)
  9. Cell/Gene Therapy