Large Volume Parenterals

  • These injectables are packaged in collapsible bags or 1 liter size vials.
  • They are administered in volumes of 100 mL to 1,000 mL amounts and more per day, by small IV drip sets with or without controlled rate infusion systems.

  • Central vein, either subclavian or internal jugular, may be considered a suitable route for IV administration:
    • When an irritating drug is given
    • When hypertonic drug are given
    • For long term therapy
    • For administering dextrose as parenteral nutrition
Characteristics of Large Volume Parenterals:
— They should not contain bacteriostatic agents or other pharmaceutical additives.
— They are packaged in large single dose containers
They are employed for the following purposes:
  • maintenance therapy – for patients entering or recovering from surgery; or for patients who are unconscious
  • replacement therapy – for patients who have suffered a great vomiting; or in the replenishment of blood.
    • Mannitol injection, USP
    • Lactated Ringer‘s injection, USP
    • Dextrose and Sodium chloride injection, USP
    • Sodium chloride injection, USP