Pharmaceutical creams are semisolid preparations containing one or more medicinal agents dissolved or dispersed in either a W/O emulsion or an oil-in-water emulsion or in another type of water-washable base. The so-called vanishing creams are oil-in-water emulsions containing large percentages of water and stearic acid or other oleaginous components. After application of the cream, the water evaporates, leaving behind a thin residue fi lm of the stearic acid or other oleaginous component. Chapter 14 discusses the types of emulsions, their physical characteristics, and method of manufacture. Creams fi nd primary application in topical skin products and in products used rectally and vaginally. Many patients and physicians prefer creams to ointments because they are easier to spread and remove. Pharmaceutical manufacturers frequently manufacture topical preparations of a drug in both cream and ointment bases to satisfy the preference of the patient and physician

Are solid emulsion containing suspension or solutions of medicinal agents for external application.