Biological Products

These preparations refer to such pharmaceutical products that exert immunologic effects.

  • Vaccines
    — agents administered primarily for prophylactic action in the development of active acquired immunity
  • Toxins
    — positions bacterial products that act as antigens and causes the human body to produce specific antibodies to combat their presence.
  • Toxoids
    — toxins modified and detoxified by the use of moderate heat and chemical treatment, so that antigenic properties may remain.
  • Antitoxins
    — substances prepared from the blood of animals, which have been immunized by repeated injections of specific bacterial toxins.
  • Antiserums
    — serums prepared in the same manner as antitoxins, except that bacteria or viruses are injected into the animal to stimulate the production of specific antibodies.
  • Blood derivatives
    — such as Whole blood, Red blood cells, white blood cells, blood plasma, etc.
  • Diagnostic aids
    — for prophylactic therapy such as iodine, albumin preparation.
  • Refrigerator temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius
  • Freezing is avoided.
  • The expiry date of these products is a year of longer, after manufacture