Military / Defense

The use of containment technology in military is due to the concept of biological warfare arose from the previous wars in which biological weapons were used. Organizationally, medical defense research was pursued first and later discontinued the offensive program due to the high risk of developing biological weapons in which there is no known cure or treatment. The current mission is multi-agency, not exclusively military, and is purely to develop defensive measures against bio-agents, as opposed to the former bio-weapons development program.

Since biological warfare agents are often etiologic agents for naturally occurring diseases, the current military bio-defense research effort provides substantive benefits for civilian populations as well. Products currently being produced or under development through military research include:

The current research effort combines new technological advances, such as genetic engineering and molecular modeling, applying them toward development of prevention and treatment of diseases of military significance.

Also, containment technologies were utilized by the military in the following but not limited to, chemical warfare defense and nuclear weapons manufacturing.